Town Information

Within the town there are a variety of services available in the fields of health, education and policing:

Primary Health Care

Deer Lake is proud to offer Primary Health Care that is unparalleled by any community of its size in Newfoundland and Labrador. The focal point of this service is the H. W. House Health Centre, containing:

  • General Practitioners’ suites
    • Dr. Terry Maher (709) 635-5150
    • Dr. John P. Kielty (709) 635-7200
  • Dental Office
    • Deer Lake Dental – (709) 635-4565
  • Laboratory and X-Ray services
    • (709) 635-3541

There are other General Practitioners serving Deer Lake and the surrounding area operating out of fully-equipped offices within the community.

All clinics operate each week day. For evening and weekend emergencies, call Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook at 1-800-261-0741.

This stable primary health care service is supported by two pharmacies, physiotherapy, denturist, chiropractic, and optometry services, and an ambulance service providing emergency transfers to Western Memorial Hospital, only 30 miles from Deer Lake.

Health and Community Services Western, through its Deer Lake office, offers many community services such as:

  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling
  • Family Planning
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Behavioral and Child Management
  • Mental Health Services
  • Maternal Child Health
  • Assists many support groups in the treatment and prevention of many health problems

It is common to find one of the staff, which now exceeds 20 employees, directly involved in the initiatives undertaken by many community groups in Deer Lake.

Western Regional Wellness Coalition:

To learn more about the wellness coalition, please click here.


Ambulance Services

Deer Lake Ambulance Donna Chaulk – (709) 635-3020

Home Care

For those requiring Home Care Services, this is provided by local agencies and can be easily assessed by contacting the area offices. The availability of this service is a vital link between institutional care and acute care, making the transition as smooth as possible for clients and their families.

Blood Services

Deer Lake remains a site for Canadian Blood Services mobile clinic regularly visiting for those interested in donating the “Gift of Life.”

Senior Care

Humber Valley Complex consists of an ultra modern sixty-seven room personal care home known as Deer Lake Manor, six independent retirement cottage and five seniors apartments. The complex provides personal care to approximately seventy seniors and employs twenty-five full-time staff. The seniors of the Deer Lake area are a very active group and meet regularly at their local centre and play important roles in all community and church groups.

  • Humber Valley Complex, Nicholsville Rd. – (709) 635-5967
  • Malcolm Piercey Memorial Manor – (709) 635-4056
  • Deer Lake Manor – (709) 635-5981
  • Humber Valley Homes, 1-7 Old Bonne Bay Rd. – (709) 576-1495
  • Deer Lake Senior Citizens Center – (709) 635-3962

Western Memorial Hospital

Just 48 kilometers (30) miles from Deer Lake, Western Memorial Hospital offers a full range of Secondary Health Care services, accessible to all west coast residents. This 200-bed hospital recently underwent expansion and renovation of its Renal Dialysis Unit and is constantly seeking new ways to provide the best possible health care for all those in need of it. All departments phone – (709) 637-5000.

(709) 635-3671
(709) 635-3671
4 Poplar Road
(709) 635-2337
(709) 635-2995
22A Farm Road
Principal: Debbie Pelley
(709) 635-2895
(709) 635-5985
22 Farm Road
Principal: Trevor Wall
(709) 637-6200
(709) 639-8125
20 University Drive
Listing Title
(709) 635-4090
(709) 635-4450
59 North Main Street, Suite 2
Jean Young
(709) 635-5808
(709) 635-5812
1 Poplar Road
Myrna Moss
(709) 635-2196
(709) 635-3372
26 Wights Road
Clare Hewlin

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Policing is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the Town of Deer Lake and surrounding communities. The RCMP recently opened a new facility in the Town which will house the personnel to provide administrative support for its detachments in Corner Brook, Rocky Harbour, and Baie Verte, as well as the operational needs of the surrounding area.


  • 12 Regular member investigators
  • 2 Regular member Highway Patrol
  • 2 Public Servants
  • 1 Police Service Dog

Phone: (709) 635-2173

Fax: (709) 635-5109

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