Request for Quotations – Beach Cleanup / Log Removal



Request for Quotations


Beach cleanup / Log removal


Deadline: before 12:00pm Wednesday June 8, 2022


Client Overview

The Town of Deer Lake is located in Western Newfoundland at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway and Route 430, the Viking Trail. The Town is a vibrant, growing community with over 5,000 residents and it is strategically located as a gateway to the Great Northern Peninsula and Labrador. Nearby Deer Lake Airport is the air-link hub for western Newfoundland.


Project Overview

The Town of Deer Lake would like to invite you to quote on the following:

Removing all debris from the Deer Lake Beach, starting from the Gazebo area and finishing at the Mouth of the Humber. The only debris to be removed is what is on the surface of the beach, not under the sand.  When quoting please indicate what equipment will be brought onto the beach.



  • The initial Clean up must begin by June 13.
  • The debris must be removed with an excavator with a thumb grab so as not to disturb the surface of the beach.
  • The excavator must tow a drag behind it supplied by the town to flatten the ruts in the sand as it cleans the beach.
  • All Debris must be hauled away to a designated area within the town limits.


Interested parties can View the site at any time prior. For further information please contact Glynn Wiseman at 709 635 3682.


The contractor will be responsible for:


 – Supplying all equipment used in the collection and transportation of the debris.

– Mobilization and Demobilization of all equipment

– All cost associated in the operation of the equipment


The Town of Deer Lake will provide


  • Guidance to the contractor on the work to be completed.
  • Permit for the beach clean up
  • The site for the debris to be trucked to

Timelines and Additional Requirements:

  • The project much be completed by June 20,
  • Any damage caused to gates or parking area must be returned to it’s initial state as it was before work commenced at contractor’s cost.
  • The contractor must adhere to all occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Letter of good standing from workers compensation.



Submission Requirements & Deadline


Completed quotations should be forwarded via email to the Town of Deer Lake’s Town Manager Maxine Hayden – contact info below including email address.


Town of Deer Lake

c/o Maxine Hayden

Town Manager

34 Reid’s Lane

Deer Lake, NL A8A 2A2


Email –


Please call w. (709) 635-2451 for further questions or feedback.


Deadline – Quotations will be received before 12:00pm Wednesday, June 8, 2022

*(NDT) Newfoundland Daylight Time

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