Sept 21, 2023


Take notice that the Town Council of the Deer Lake (the “Town”) has resolved, pursuant
to Pursuant to section 139 of the Municipalities Act, Chapter M-24 S.N. 1999, and the
Town of Deer Lake Land Sales Policy to offer for sale, by public auction, the property
described below:

20 Wight’s Rd
58 George Aaron Drive
25 TCH
7 Lush’s Lane

The above-noted property will be offered for sale by public auction at 1pm on the 2nd
day of November, 2023. The auction will be held at the Deer Lake Town Office, 34
Reid’s Lane in Deer Lake.

The property has been deemed ready for sale, and the Town does not make any
representations or warranties as to the condition of, or title to, the property. The
purchaser is responsible for conducting any searches he or she deems necessary.
The Town of Deer Lake will place a reserved bid for the property equal to the current
amount of arrears.

Pursuant to section 110 of the Municipalities Act, 1999, the Town of Deer Lake will
require 10 per cent non-refundable down payment to be placed at the Town office for a
period not exceeding 30 days to hold any land requesting to be purchased. Upon full
payment for the land on or before the 30-day period expires, this amount will be
deducted from the total costs of the property. If full payment is not received on or before
the 30-day expiry period, then the 10 per cent will be absorbed by the town for legal
fees, administrative costs and service levies as noted in section 149 (e) and (3).

For further information regarding this sale, contact:

Jason Young, Town Manager
Telephone: (709) 635-2451
Town of Deer Lake
34 Reid’s Lane
Deer Lake, NL A8A 2A2


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