Environmental Stewardship

Deer Lake is home to a fascinating variety of wildlife, as you can see in the guide to wildlife of Deer Lake. The Town of Deer Lake has taken important steps to conserve wildlife habitat within its planning boundaries by designating three areas as Management Units under the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture program (ehjv.ca). These areas, shown in the map below, are maintained as wildlife habitat for the future, and for the Island and Upper Humber River areas, for people to enjoy as recreational and educational areas as well.

Click here to view the full map.

To make sure that these important areas of habitat are conserved for the future, the Town of Deer Lake works with the Stewardship Association of Municipalities (samnl.org) as well as the provincial Wildlife Division. Future projects may include litter cleanups, habitat enhancements like duck boxes, habitat restorations like plantings, and educational or recreational activities with residents of Deer Lake. These projects are detailed in a Habitat Conservation Plan that helps guide these activities and suggest new projects.

How can you get involved in the natural areas around Deer Lake?

  • Get to know the forests, wetlands, barrens, and wildlife of your home;
  • Post your wildlife sightings to nlnature.com, ebird.org, the Newfoundland Birdwatching Group, or www.nf.birds.com
  • Check out our bird watching page;
  • Find birds on Christmas bird count in your area
  • To allow sensitive areas like wetlands to stay healthy, use ATVs on trails that already exist instead of trying to make new trails.
  • Volunteer on restoration projects with groups like Ducks Unlimited Canada and
  • Connect with other wildlife enthusiasts through the Humber Natural History Society for events, workshops, and interesting projects.

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