CALL TO TENDER- Development of Safe Boat Launch Area (Phases 1 and 2)

Town of Deer Lake


 Development of Safe Boat Launch Area (Phases 1 and 2)

Publish Date: Friday July 23, 2021


Bids Close:  Friday before 1 pm July 30, 2021


Client Overview

The Town of Deer Lake is located in western Newfoundland at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway and Route 430, the Viking Trail. The Town is a vibrant, growing community with over 5,000 residents and it is strategically located as a gateway to the Great Northern Peninsula and Labrador. Nearby Deer Lake Airport is the air-link hub for western Newfoundland.


Project Overview

The Town of Deer Lake is issuing this Call to Tender for the purposes of the continued development of the town’s Safe Boat Launch Area project for work associated with Phases 1 and 2 of the overall development.  As a result, the Town of Deer Lake would like to invite bids on the following scope of work:


The contractor will be responsible for (in Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas combined)


  • Clearing and grubbing of land as per Phase 2 area of the Deer Lake Safe Boat Launch Development as well as finishing aspects of initial Phase 1 area of the overall development – see list of appendices for Phase 1 and 2 area
  • Removing any timber as outlined by the town
  • Mulch all tree tops, limbs, bushes as agreed with the town
  • Grub and remove all overburden (ie. stumps, large rocks) as agreed with the town
  • Completion of necessary ditching and drainage as outlined and agreed with the town
  • Pick up, Deliver, Assemble and Install ~90m of 36” diameter culvert in Phase 1 area as outlined by the town; fill in/cover over; town to purchase required culvert material
  • Pick up, deliver, assemble and install existing 5×10’ pieces of culvert from the town depot as well as additional required pieces from supplier (another 50’ total) for T’Railway Underpass portion of the project as per engineered renderings including couplers and beveled ends – see list of appendices for engineered specifications; town to acquire/purchase all culvert material; In the assembly of the Underpass Culvert, culvert must be cribbed and blocked inside during backfilling; backfill must be done in uniform lifts of 600mm and compacted simultaneously on both sides of culvert. 
  • Supply and install all materials for concrete headwalls and safety rails at ends of culverts. Includes formwork, concrete and steel handrail
  • Clearing, grubbing, filling to allow for the installation of the Safe Boat Launch Access Roadway including T’Railway Provincial Park underpass section, guard rail details and any other requirements as per engineered renderings found in list of appendices
  • Installation of additional roadways and appropriate ditching and leveling for safe boat launch access to 1. Access the actual/proposed boat launch area, 2. Phase 1 Area Parking, and 3. T-Connector Roadway towards Overflow Parking Area in Phase 2
  • Supply and install 200 mm class B on road surface


The Town of Deer Lake will provide

  • Guidance to the contractor on the work to be completed
  • Recently completed surveys of the entire area
  • Outline of Phase 1 scope of work for reference
  • Engineered renderings for roadway access work
  • Purchase/acquisition of culverts, couplers, beveled ends as required to complete culvert related work for drainage and T’Railway Underpass; pick up, delivery and assembly however the responsibility of contracted company


Timelines and Additional Requirements

  • The project must be completed within 30 days of the awarding of the contract or as agreed with the Town of Deer Lake
  • Any damages caused to the NL T’Railway will be the responsibility of the contractor and will be repaired at the contractor’s cost
  • Must adhere to all occupational health and safety regulations
  • Must adhere to all permitting requirements
  • Letter of good standing from workers compensation
  • Must be COR certified


Submission Requirements & Deadline


Bids should be forwarded to the Town of Deer Lake’s Town Manager, Maxine Hayden in sealed envelope prior to July 30, 2021, 1pm.


Town of Deer Lake

Maxine Hayden

Town Manager

34 Reid’s Lane

Deer Lake, NL A8A 2A2




Please call w. (709) 635-0165 for further questions or feedback.


Bids Close:  Wednesday before 1pm, July 30th, 2021

*(NST) Newfoundland Standard Time

Note – The financial value of a contract resulting from this procurement process will be publicly released as part of the award notification process.


This procurement process is subject to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.


The bidder agrees that any specific information in its bid that may qualify for an exemption from disclosure under subsection 39(1) of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 has been identified. If no specific information has been identified it is assumed that, in the opinion of the bidder, there is no specific information that qualifies for an exemption under subsection 39(1) of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.




List of Appendices to Further Inform Bid (available upon request)


A – Surveys of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Areas of the project

B – Scope of Work for Phase 1 of the overall project (completed in 2020)

C – Engineered rendering – Town of Deer Lake Boat Launch Access Road

D – Town of Deer Lake In House Render of overall project (visual)


Other information available upon request